Farmstead Studio

Farmstead Studio is the multi-media production arm of Breaking Winds Realty Group.  The studio was founded in 2007 by Cas Sochacki as the first off-grid and solar powered recording studio at Old Mill Farm in Mendocino, CA.  Farmstead's first major production was the third Blushin' Roulettes album Old Mill Sessions.  The studio moved to Black Mountain, NC in 2014 and while no longer operating on solar power, the studio makes use of Breaking Wind Realty Group's native methane digestion facility to run the majority of studio operations. 

Since the move east, Farmstead Studio has been a major part of album releases by several of Western North Carolina's finest bands.  In 2017 Cas collaborated with Higher Ground Studio's Bud Brown to record live and studio tracks for the Lazybirds' 2018 release Lord Loves a Workin' Band.

2018 saw the release of solo artist Jay Brown's 42nd album Empathy and Comedy.

In 2019 the studio recorded and produced Angie Heimann's first new solo release in 10 years, the Edge of East EP which was added to and released as an entire album Edge of East in April 2020.

The Appalucians, one of Farmstead's main clients, regularly releases music from the studio. 

Perhaps the most exciting and multifaceted project from Farmstead Studio is Old Mill Radio Hour.  The longtime dream of creators Don Digsmore and Debbie Wags-Digsmore,  Old Mill Radio Hour is a cerebral variety show filled with poignant interviews, cutting-edge musical guests, guest writers and local news.  Since it's launch in 2020 Old Mill Radio Hour has garnered critical acclaim and become a go-to source for all things verdant.